Lian Li UNI FAN SL120 Fan Review


Software & Testing


L-Connect Software

The L-Connect software enables users to control UNI FAN’s and adjust fan RPM, colors, brightness, and lighting effects with extreme ease.

Lian Li UNI FAN SL120 Fan Review 1Each of the 4 groups is show here, you click on the group or channel you want to select it, and a green box appears around it. Under LED MODE, you pick how many fans are connected. You can then adjust Lighting effect speed in 25% increments as well as brightness in the same steps. For dynamic lighting modes, you can select which direction the effect travels as well.

Lian Li UNI FAN SL120 Fan Review 2Many of the LED mode presets have customizable colors as well. A simulated view of the effect will show on the chosen fan group in the top half of the screen.

Lian Li UNI FAN SL120 Fan Review 3The Fan Mode can be changed to a few presets, or manual control. Manual control jumps in 110 RPM Increments from 800-1900 RPM. The live feedback speed will be shown on each group just under the fans.

Static Pressure Testing
Our Pressure test rig consists of a sealed PVC box with a 120mm fan hole, and the tested fan is bolted to the cutout over a foam rubber gasket than ensures all pressure the fan can develop is directed into the box and will not leak out around the edges of the fan frame. A pressure port on the side of the box is plumbed to a Dwyer DigiMag Digital Differential Pressure rated +/- 2% accuracy over its full-scale range of 0 to 6.35 mm H2O. This means our accuracy is within +/- 0.127 mm H20 for testing.

Lian Li UNI FAN SL120 Fan Review 4 

Unloaded in free air, the UNI FAN SL120 manages around 1965 RPM and drops to around 1845 RPM dead-headed into our pressure test rig. The UNI FAN’s are rated 2.54 mm H2O but push almost 2.7 at peak. We see a fairly linear drop off with RPM down to around 800 RPM and just over half a millimetre H2O static pressure. Lian Li’s L-connect software steps down in ~110 RPM increments in its 800-1900 RPM range, so we used that stepping for test speeds.

 From a noise standpoint, the UNI FAN’s are barely audible at full tilt. Our sound meter goes down to 30 dB and they barely register at full speed at close range so unless you live in an extremely quiet area and are highly sensitive to noise, you likely won’t hear the SL120 fans while in operation.

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