PC Test Bench for Testing Hardware

We at PCTestBench are here to help you on your quest for the best PC Test Bench to use. Until we can get our own manufactured we would like you to take a look at the following suggestions. Some of the test benches shown are some that we have used, are using or would like to get one for review.


InWIn Alice
First, on the list, something rather new to the market from InWin called Alice. We are not sure where the name came from, but we think that it is supposed to be unique like the case is. Made of ABS plastic the test bench is really light yet very sturdy. With Alice being made of ABS and easy to cut I can see people changing the case to fit all kinds of special needs. At only $55 USD on Amazon, it really hard to pass it up. InWIn Alice
PC Test Bench for Testing Hardware 1

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