Fractal Design Torrent Chassis Review

All airflow, no compromise

Fractal Design Torrent Chassis Review 1

Fractal Design has once again just flat out knocked it out of the park with the new Torrent. If absurd amounts of airflow are something you crave, A builder-friendly chassis is what you need and lots of options are a prerequisite, the Fractal Torrent should be number one on your shortlist. I’ve had an active career in the PC world and had the opportunity to build in a wide variety of cases with systems ranging from web surfers to multi-socket render stations full of GPUs and the Torrent checks about every box on my mental list of requirements for a great case.

I didn’t really touch on half of the features or capabilities of the Torrent because not every build would use all of them. You get an included adjustable GPU support bracket, you can use Fractal’s optional vertical GPU kit, you have spots for fill ports and even a section on the motherboard tray just for mounting pumps as reservoirs. The ONLY thing I can possibly nitpick is the thumbscrews. Every single one of them was screwed in so tight it required a screwdriver to remove, and often to get back in the first few times. The new Dynamic X2 180 mm fans are monsters and it makes me wish you could still easily get your hands on a 180mm sized radiator easily. EKWB used to make them but has since discontinued them. As far as I know, the only mainstream water-cooling company making them is Alphacool and it’s not a common size that is often in stock.

Fractal Design Torrent Chassis Review 2



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