Cougar Armor PRO Gaming Chair

The Throne of Gamers

Here at PCTestBench, we don’t just write reviews based on the appearance of the product but also how it performed during the test period.  We do use the product before providing you, the readers with honest and unbiased facts.
My time with Cougar Armor Pro chair was just over a month and during this time, I have been using it for light gaming activities and writing. I am 5’6 and this chair is a pretty good size for me.  My legs fit in the seat and do not overhang. The lumbar support pillow works very well and provides just enough cushion to keep my lower back supported.  Over time I feel that pillow will start to wear out. I have noticed that after being pressed against my lower back it’s losing its integrity.

Moving around the room in Armor Pro is fairly smooth but I would recommend using some kind of office mat to smooth your experience and save your floors.  Naturally, you are not going to be using this chair on the rug or carpets so if you do have hardwood floors like me, get them protected.

Cougar Armor PRO Gaming Chair 1 Armor Pro, Cougar, Gaming Chair

The construction of the chair feels extremely solid.  This is due to the steel frame of the seat.  So when you sit in this chair you feel like you are sitting on the throne.

Armrests on this chair are simple and don’t have any cushion.  Its motions are pretty standard however in my version I do not have the side to side adjustments of the armrests.  This does not create an issue for me however I can see how this could be beneficial for other types of bodies.

Tilting in this chair is very good as you can drop the back completely 180 degrees.  I have tried this few times to rest my back and it works well.  The key here is to properly balance your body so you don’t flip the chair.

While gaming Armor Pro was a great help.  I was comfortable in this chair and do not have any issues.

At the time of this review, the Cougar Armor Pro retails for $279.  If you are going to compare this chair to others keep in mind that this chair has a steel frame support which most of the cheaper chairs simply do not have.  A good comparison to this chair would be MSI MAG CH110 which retails for $249 and DXRacer series chairs which retail for about $300.  I do feel that the price for this chair is very fair and that the quality of the product and construction will give you years of service.


Cougar Armor PRO Gaming Chair 2 Armor Pro, Cougar, Gaming Chair



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