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Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Founders Edition Review



GPUz says the RTX 3070 Founders Edition can boost to 1725MHz, but we’ve already seen it hovering around the 2000MHz mark in our testing. Let’s see what more we can get out of it.

We always like to crank the power limit up as far as we can, in this case, we get an additional 9%.

This gets us a small boost in our score, up from 13714 graphics score at stock, and 13544 overall score.

Next, we nudge the core clocks up, we get to about +50MHz before the clock speeds stop increasing. And we peak at 2055MHz core clock and settle in at 2025-2040MHz.

There we go, just broke the 14k mark on GPU score.

Next, let’s add +200MHz to the memory.

Another good jump. So close to the 14K overall score.

Add on another +200MHz memory…

And there it is, just over 14k overall score.

Let’s try for +500MHz to the memory.

Another small gain.

We’ll go another +100MHz to the memory.

And we are still climbing.

In the end, we can climb all the way up to +1200MHz on the memory with no issues.

We ended up gaining 7% more on the raw GPU score overstock, not a bad increase at all!

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