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Cougar Dualblader Gaming Mouse Review

Fully Customizable Gaming Mouse With Ambidextrous Ergonomics

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

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When it comes to binding keys to your mouse for a hands-on experience, the Cougar Dualblader is a great option.  The 12 different programmable buttons allow you to set controls and macros to your mouse so you will never have to take your hand off of it while in-game.  In some more simple strategy-type games I was able to bind every key needed to the mouse and have mouse-only gameplay.  The only button that presented a problem to me was the side thumb button as my thumb naturally wants to rest in that area and it does not take much pressure to actuate the button.  The buttons can be removed and disabled though so it allows for a full custom setup.

For someone looking for a mouse with plenty of key binds and complete customization, this is the mouse you have been looking for.


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