Montech X3 Mesh ATX Case Review

Unmatched Price per Performance

Montech X3 Mesh ATX Case Review 1

Montech’s X3 Mesh is a great choice for many builders and a killer choice for anyone on a sensible budget. The street price would lead you to believe you aren’t getting anything nice, but that is quite far from the truth. We only did one build, but the options inside make the X3 Mesh a powerhouse for most. You can install large liquid coolers in the ceiling and front of the case, you can even take the drive mounts out of the basement and stuff a 360mm cooler in the front. We really loved the glass door and the magnetic closure and hinge system it uses.

The included fans move a decent amount of airflow and with 6 of them, you get cool temps in your case without trying. They are set up balanced with 3 blowing in (at the front) and 3 exhausting air at the top and rear. They also run quietly which is important since you can’t control their speed. We can see some users replacing them down the road, but at least you don’t have to at the start, and when building a machine, not having to spend an extra few hundred bucks on fans to get up and going is something to be thankful for. Our only real complaint is the twist-out slot covers for Rear I/O but it’s minor.

Montech X3 Mesh ATX Case Review 2

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