Thermaltake Divider 300 TG Snow ARGB Mid Tower Review

Showcase Your System in a Particular Way

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

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Thermaltake’s Divider 300 case looks pretty simple at first glance but the Divider 300 is quite well refined and elegant. A lot of flexibility comes from the side cooling and the rotatable rear I/O. Vertical mounting your GPU might work better for cooling but the unique Divider 300 side panel visually hides most of all but the largest graphics cards. The design does provide a really sweet ‘peak’ into your interior though that does so in a really elegant way. Our only real complaint is with cooling. It’s not the airflow, the Divider 300 does great with that, it’s with radiator support. We’d really like to have seen Thermaltake tweak the PSU shroud just a bit to support slightly thicker radiators. Another 10-12mm of depth in the cut-out would be enough to fit standard 40-45mm thick 360mm radiators for a more powerful cooling solution.


Great Job Thermaltake!

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