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ORICO Aluminum Powered USB Hub Review



With the ever-growing number of USB-powered peripherals/accessories, finding accessible ports seems to always be a battle. Some motherboards may sport 8+ USB ports, but having to have to pull out your system to get to them is always a pain. If you always find yourself looking for additional USB ports for your headphone, phone changer, or wireless dongles, the Orico’s USB Hub just might be what you are looking for. The Orico USB Hub features three different configurations with 7, 10, 13, or 16 ports. Each port can be turned on/off via a button, contains aluminum body construction, and is universally compatible with Windows/MAC/Linux. The Orico USB Hub can be found on Amazon starting at $69.99 for the 7 port and up to $99.99 for the 16 port.

We would like to thank Orico for sending us the 10 port USB Hub to review.

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