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Cooler Master V650 GOLD-V2 WHITE EDITION PSU Review

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Cooler Master V650 Gold V2 White Edition Cover

Today we’ll be taking a look at Cooler Master’s V650 Gold V2 White Edition Power Supply. Ask any gamer what the most important part of a computer is and you’ll get answers ranging from GPU to CPU to peripherals. While there are cases for each, none of it really matters if you can’t trust the power you are feeding them. Your expensive GPU, your flagship GPU, your favorite keyboard all have one thing in common, and that is where they draw power from.

Most people don’t think about the power supply, but it has a very serious job to do. It has to take high voltage AC, often full of electrical ‘noise’, and turn it into highly precise DC for multiple things in your computer that change their demands literally billions of times a second. Launch your favorite game and in a single click your idling system can spin everything up to 100% instantly. If your power supply isn’t up to the task, weird instability and crashes and sometimes very bad things can happen. Ask around any forum and you’ll find a few horror stories where a failing PSU took part of the computer with it when it expired. Cooler Master is here to show you that its new Gold V2 series power supplies are not only up to the task, but can look good while doing it!

PC Test Bench would like to thank Cooler Master for sending the V650 Gold-V2 power supply over to check out!

Cooler Master’s take on the V650 GOLD-V2 White Edition power supply:

The V Gold – v2 series delivers a top-shelf power supply unit in 550, 650, 750, and 850 wattage levels. It offers an 80 PLUS Gold efficiency rating, full-modular cabling, optional semi-fanless operation with a hardware-based hybrid switch, a 135mm FDB fan, 16AWG PCIe high-efficiency cables, and a 10-year warranty. This series has brought together a number of innovations and improvements from past products to form a PSU that meets all your needs. The 100% Japanese capacitors, half-bridge LLC resonant converter, and DC-DC circuitry work together, resulting in a product that even the pros can respect.


The efficiency of your power supply unit is important because it directly affects your system’s performance and your power bill. The efficiency rating does not reflect the quality or reliability of a PSU. It only reflects the unit’s ability to move power from the wall to your components. The higher a PSU’s efficiency is, the lower the total amount of power it needs to power your system. The V Gold series has an 80 PLUS Gold efficiency rating, meaning it has a guaranteed typical efficiency of 90%.

The V Gold – v2 is a professional-grade power supply unit made for the normal user. It’s more than just the 80 PLUS Gold efficiency rating. It’s the performance, stability, reliability, lifespan, and so much more. That quality starts with the technology used on the inside. The half-bridge LLC resonant converter and DC-DC technology, made with 100% Japanese capacitors, work together to create a PSU that offers reliable and stable voltage outputs for safer, more reliable performance and higher efficiency.

The V Gold – v2 keeps cool under pressure. The fluid dynamic fan bearing creates less friction, making it great for low RPM operations. This technology, combined with a larger 135mm fan, keeps the fan running smoothly and efficiently for longer, keeping the noise level down and extending the lifespan of the PSU. The cooling system isn’t just bigger, it’s better. And when you aren’t pushing your system too hard, the semi-fanless mode will keep the unit completely silent when under 40% maximum load. The built-in analog hybrid switch allows you to disengage fanless mode at any time with a simple button press for testing, debugging, or simply achieving maximum cooling at all times.

Cabling is often the most troublesome part of building a PC. The V Gold – v2 can’t solve all your cabling problems but it’s an excellent place to start. With full control and customization of your cables, you don’t have to have excess cables cluttering your PC. This level of control can reduce cable bulk which can increase airflow and make your system look as great as it runs. And with the included 16AWG PCIe cables, you’ll get increases to both efficiency and style. All models now include two EPS connectors.

The V Gold – v2 series comes with 16AWG PCIe cables. These are thicker than current industry standard 18AWG cables, meaning less heat resistance during use. The reduction in heat resistance improves efficiency and stability so your components can get the most out of that 80 PLUS Gold rating. As an added bonus, the lower resistance means less ambient heat in your case being expelled from your cables, making your entire system safer and cooler than the same setup with standard-issue cables.

The V Gold series offers top-quality power supply units that can and will deliver professional-grade performance at normal use wattage levels. Just because you don’t need 1000 watts of power doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the quality that goes with it. You can trust this PSU for all your computing needs, whether it’s casual work or hefty, continuous sessions. Just in case you aren’t sure, all V Gold series models come with a 10-year warranty. Chances are you’ll be changing homes before you need to change this power supply.


Cooler Master V650 GOLD-V2 WHITE EDITION PSU Review 1 ATX, Cooler Master, Fully Modular, Gold, Modular, Power Supply, PSU, V2, V650, V650 GOLD-V2, White

  • ATX VERSION – ATX 12V V2.52
  • INPUT VOLTAGE – 100-240V
  • INPUT CURRENT – 9-4.5A
  • DIMENSIONS (L X W X H) – 160 x 150 x 86 mm
  • FAN SIZE – 135mm
  • FAN SPEED – 1500 RPM
  • NOISE LEVEL @ 20% – 0 dBA
  • NOISE LEVEL @ 50% – 18.3 dBA
  • NOISE LEVEL @ 100% – 32.1 dBA
  • EFFICIENCY – 90% @ Typical Load
  • 80 PLUS RATING – 80 PLUS Gold
  • ERP 2014 LOT 3 – Yes
  • HOLD UP TIME – 17ms
  • MTBF – >100,000 Hours
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