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Silicon Power XPOWER Turbine RGB DDR4 Memory Review

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Most users overclock their ram these days, but this is typically just enabling their board to use the XMP profile stored on the memory modules, which is little more than a factory-supplied overclock profile. Let’s see if we can squeeze any more out manually.

We were easily able to get up to 3800MHz with our kit.

While this does help bandwidth, it does force our Ryzen 3900X to shift ratios internally which hurts latency.

Dropping back to 3600MHz, we start pushing the latency down and can get down to 16-18-18-38 by bumping the voltage to 1.41V.

Not only does this help overall system latency, but our overall bandwidth climbs a bit as well thanks to the lower latency.

Overall, this gives the XPOWER Turbine RGB a slight edge after some overclocking.

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