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Silicon Power XPOWER Turbine RGB DDR4 Memory Review

The Game is On

Packaging & A Closer Look

Silicon Power’s XPOWER Turbine RGB comes in a box every bit as colorful as the memory inside. The window in the front shows off the colorful metallic label.

The rear highlights a few features in multiple languages.

Inside, our XPOWER Turbine RGB sits alone in a tray designed to hold two modules. Silicon Power sells these kits with two modules per set as well, even though we have two single modules to check out today.

The XPOWER Turbine RGB has a beautiful brushed and anodized black finish on the heat spreader. The metallic label is very colorful.

Both sides look the same sans a small label with the speed, capacity, CAS Latency, and serial number.

The top edge of the modules has a milky translucent diffuser covering about half of the top. Small stripes of the diffuser extend out to each end.

The center of the module’s diffuser carries the XPOWER logo in the center.

Overall, Silicon Power makes some great looking modules and the XPOWER Turbine RGB should look great in any build.

The lighting effects are pretty well diffused. You can pick up what looks to be five separate zones on camera, but it’s much harder to tell by the naked eye. Either way, the lighting is rich and well saturated and looks great.

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