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Lexar Hades RGB DDR4 Review

Powerful. Colorful. Optimal.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Lexar Hades RGB DDR4 Review 1 DDR4, Hades, Hades RGB, Lexar, RAM, RGB Memory, system memory

Lexar’s first official jump into the gaming corner of the desktop world appears to be a complete success. Aesthetically, the sleek black exterior should blend well with most builds and thankfully, Lexar didn’t go crazy with branding and logos. The white logo on the sides isn’t bad at all and the light bar on top is clean and clear so you get to enjoy the fully RGB glory. Lexar’s RGB control software works well and includes everything you need in a single, clean interface. If you already have existing RGB software from your motherboard, you can use that instead so you don’t have extra programs running.

From the performance standpoint, we can’t ask for much more. The Hades RGB kit performed admirably and lead similar speed kits in almost every test. Overclocking faired about average. We got an extra 200MHz effective out of the kit, which is about typical. We’ve had kids do more, and plenty do less. Most people don’t bother with this anyway, but there might be some extra performance left on the table if you choose to go after it. Otherwise, plug it in and enjoy!

Great job Lexar!

Lexar Hades RGB DDR4 Review 2 DDR4, Hades, Hades RGB, Lexar, RAM, RGB Memory, system memory

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